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. for gas pressure over 33 psi 1.

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Don't have the ZX specs handy but expect mid to high 20's at idle and higher as you accelerate, but stabilizing around 32-36psi.

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. At shutoff my fuel pressure is @ 40-43psi (off).

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Alternator puts out a bit over 14V. Your biggest problem is the 35 psi you never want to be lower than 40 psi at any. .

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Savvy pump tuners know that the early Bosch fuel pumps (‘VE’ pumps, and ‘P’ pumps) can be tricked into increasing the injection pressure by restricting the return fuel flow.

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Alright guys im relying on someone to help me out here with the actual PER GM specs for the Vortec Fuel pressure.

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. You need to select a pump with a flow rate that matches the needs of.

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Left side lower bolt.

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Start the vehicle and let it run until it shuts down.


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. The ECM controls the fuel pump relay.

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At first, I was not really sure what the problem was.

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Yes, otherwise it wouldn't hold pressure.

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It has been running great for the last 8000 miles and started fine until we got about 2 miles from the truck.

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The scope is set to 100mV per division and the probe is on the 100mV/A scale. Does a mechanical fuel pump hold pressure? The pump siphons fuel from the gas tank and pushes it to the carburetor when the engine is cranking or running.

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This fuel pump is a constant pressure fuel pump that can operate on two different voltages, high and low. .

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A fuel pump will generally fail in one of two ways.

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